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9 Reasons Why People Fail to Achieve What They Want 

​1. They lack a strong purpose in life
What is your purpose? I don’t mean, why are you here? But, what drives you? What inspires you? If you could be and do anything for the rest of your life, what would it be? Having a purpose in life can be the difference between having or losing motivation. Successful people know what they want, why they want it and how to make it happen.

 2. They don’t aim to be better than average
People who fail to get what they want, often don’t aim to do better. Perhaps they lack the confidence, have limiting self-beliefs or assume that they don’t deserve better. This is how I look at life, “If they can do it then why can’t I?” If she can be the CEO of a company then so can I. If she can have a killer body with abs then so can I. I only have one life and I will not waste it being less than my potential.

3. They put up with (tolerate) poor health caused by self-abuse such as over eating, drugs and alcohol abuse
Our body is possibly the most significant entity we can own. Without our health, often we cannot function nor lead a fulfilling life. Many times we may not fully comprehend this until it’s too late. Take time to consider this question. Say tomorrow the doctor told you that you only have two weeks to live and the cause of this illness was because of years of abuse to your body. If you had the chance to go back in time what would you have done differently?  

4. They lack persistence when the going gets tough. (They give up)
The difference between those who make it in life and others who don’t has little to do with intellect or talent and everything to do with persistence. Time and time again I hear stories of those who made it against all odds because they didn’t give up. I also hear stories of those who had everything from talent to family wealth and expected everything to be handed to them. They waited and waited and not much happened.

5. They don’t control their bad habits
Do you have a bad habit that may be harming your health, career or relationship? Such as smoking, checking your Facebook every hour, not brushing your teeth or eating junk food every day. The key to controlling bad habits is self-awareness. Realising your bad habits, owning up to them and then taking the necessary steps in order to reduce them. If you drink a lot when you go out then don’t go out. Another solution may be not to take all your money with you to the bar. If you waste all your time on Facebook then deactivate for a month. Don’t let you bad habits control you. Tackle one bad habit at a time, then write a pros and cons list of how this habit is affecting your life. Make an announcement about how you are getting rid of this bad habit to friends and family. Remember it’s all about conditioning. Focus on one change for 30 days, after that time it will have been conditioned to become a habit.

 6. They have a negative attitude and don’t see the positive in things
These are the people who have a bad attitude from the moment they wake up in the morning thinking, “Why do I have to work?” They walk around with thoughts of “I’m not good enough” or “I hate this world, I hate people and I’m not worthy of love.” These are the individuals who see the glass as half empty. When something negative happens they blame others and don’t know how to reframe the situation or see the light at the end of the tunnel. My advice to you if you’re one of these people is to write a daily gratitude list for a week and see how you feel.

7. They select a poorly suited partner which leads to misery and unhappiness

I have come across many of these people who are in toxic relationships because sometimes they may lack self-worth. Perhaps believing that no one else will love them. Where in fact they fail to realise that the only person whose love really matters in this world is theirs “Self love” More often these people cannot be alone or enjoy their own company. So instead of facing alone time they select poorly suited partners in order to be around others. You only have one life, and a precious amount of time to live in either misery or bliss. 

8. They surround themselves with people who neither inspire them nor motivate them

These are the friends that sit there complaining about their own miserable lives all day and expect you to follow in their footsteps. They get upset if you try and improve your situation by discouraging you to get healthy, find love or start that business. If they’re not going anywhere good then neither are you. Who knows? They may secretly envy you, despise your optimism and glee in your down fall. Get rid of them, you will not go anywhere with them around.

9. They procrastinate and waste time thinking rather than doing (laziness)
I’ve come across many talented people who suffer from procrastination. They have loads of talent, yet little drive. These are the people who often dream about winning the lottery yet have never even purchased a ticket. They live in the world of fantasy and each time they set a goal they make a long list of why it can’t be achieved rather than how it will be achieved. Bottom line they are filled with laziness and taking action represents more pain than achieving their goals. If this is you, then all I can ask you is this. Imagine yourself at 65 years old sitting on that same couch, in that same house, dreaming the same dreams. What would you tell your young self to do differently? Make a list of what action you will take and set a date. Make a very long list of the pain it will cause you if you don’t achieve those things.

We must keep in mind that there is no shame in failure. Those who have achieved great things had failed many times and had used their mistakes as lessons learnt. What there is shame is in is never trying, fear and playing it safe just so you never fail. Not improving your situation and focusing on what you can c​an control. 

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