We truly believe that each person has the tools inside them to do great things. We just happen to enjoy helping them discover what they are. 

About us

Limitlessminds is a privately owned training organisation, delivering professional development packages and workshops to industries across Australia. Our specialty workshops solely focus on training and developing team members.

When designing and delivering training we step into each team member role and tailor each training program specifically. We always ask, "is this going to boost performance?" - "Is it going to help increase their skills?" and most important,"is it going to help them get out there and feel inspired to be the best team member they can be?" If so, then we know we have done a pretty good job.

Our staff have experience in many industries from private to public sector. As well as having a combination of Learning and Development, Sales, Recruitment, Employment Services, Leadership, Finance, Professional Services, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Success Coaching background.

At Limitlessminds our passion is helping your team members at any stage of their careers find fulfillment in their roles. 

Besides training and workshops we also offer one to one consultancy and coaching services to front line staff and senior managers. 

Get in touch to find out more at info@employmentservicestraining.com.au or by calling (02) 8007 5857