Business Networking and Beyond

Would you like to

Learn about what it takes to be a master networker?

Make meaningful connections and build relationships that will grow?

Build your own personal brand and be the go to person in your field?

1 Day workshop

What you will get out of this course:

  • Understand good and bad networking habits
  • Develop strategies of how to source networking opportunities
  • Learn how to connect with anyone in 60 seconds
  • Practice the three phases of questioning in order to engage people more effectively
  • Walk away with a simple non-salesy sounding pitch that can be used anywhere (face to face or online)
  • Learn how to take the relationship beyond the networking space. (Social selling)
  • Examine the 4 pillars of nurturing relationships
  • Discover ways you can build your own personal brand online and offline

We can go almost anywhere in the world to deliver these workshops. No rural town or city is too far.

Target audience:
All sales people, non sales people who are expected to network and build relationships, entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, leaders

Course outline

Module 1: NETWORKING (online and face to face)

Examine your Networking Philosophy.

Good and Bad networking habits.

Sourcing out networking opportunities.

Connecting - How to connect with anyone in the first 60 seconds.

Examine The four pillars of connecting:
1. Communicate -
How body language, intention and what you say create an instant connection.
2. Attitude -
Mirror neurons, energy and how they can impact your connection when networking.
3. Vulnerability -
Being open and authentic for better connections.
4. Trust -
Elements of trust and how to build them with potential clients
Module 3: ENGAGING
How to engage with anyone at networking events and keep that engagement going.

Examine the three pillars of Engaging:
1. Listen -
Utilise listening techniques in order to engage better.
2. Discover -
The 3 phases of questioning and how to be more strategic when asking questions
3. Pitch -
Simple method of writing a pitch and when to use it while networking 

How to keep the relationship going after the initial meeting.

Offering value and credibility in order to create more opportunities.

Examine the 4 pillars of Nurturing relationships:
1. Follow up -
Why the follow up is vital and how and when to follow up.
2. Offering value -
Methods of how you can offer value to stand out from your competitors and nurture your relationships.
3. Personal brand -
How to build your own personal brand in order to have more credibility. To also create more opportunities and develop long lasting relationships.
4. Delayed gratification
 - How to plant seeds and create habits that will convert into future opportunities. 


Many people fall into the trap of attending these networking events with a one sided objective in mind, to close a deal and a, "what's in for me" mentality. Most times they talk too much, fail to connect and take a genuine interest in the person they are talking to.

Because let's face it, most of us learn about what networking is from university or work. We go to these career days, wear suits, build up the guts to approach total strangers, while we hand out business cards and nothing comes out of it. We end up leaving these events with lots of business cards and not getting closer to building a genuine relationship and creating business opportunities. We may even end up hating networking. 

This one day program is going to help you redefine your networking philosophy, as well as learn about what it takes to be a master networker, connect with anyone, create meaningful engagements and take that relationship beyond the networking space.