Coach Yourself Through These 37 Powerful Questions

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I’m going to ask you to do something a little different than just reading an article. I’m going to teach you how to self-coach yourself. So I want you to take out 5 to 10 minutes of your time. Grab a pen, paper and answer some questions that will help you find your purpose, set goals and feel more resilient.

It’s usually the quality of the questions that we ask ourselves and others, that can shift our behaviour and create insights for self-awareness and action.

Most important, asking yourself quality questions will give you clarity and direction of where you need to go.

Purpose questions

1. What am I most passionate about? 

2. What wakes me up in the morning excited to start the day?

3. What used to wake me up in the morning excited to start my day?

4. What will I need to do to get back there again?

5. What are some things that I value most in my life?

6. How can I use my values and apply them into my job and life?

Self-belief questions

7. What are some limiting beliefs which are stopping me from reaching my potential? Make a list.

8. Why are these limiting beliefs not true? Make a list.

9. How does self doubt talk to me? What does it say to me?

10. Would I let self-doubt speak like that to a good friend of mine?

11. What can I say back to self-doubt to stand up for myself?

12. What are some of my skills, qualities and achievements? Make a list.

13. What is one of my proudest moments?

Getting through challenges questions

14. What are my top three challenges that I’m dealing with at the moment?

15. What are some steps I may need to take to overcome these challenges?

16. How did I cope with challenges in the past and how did these challenges help shape who I am? 

17. What did I have to do to pick myself up again?

18. What will I do differently this time to deal with similar challenges?

Nurturing yourself questions

19. If I could have one perfect day which was all about me, how will it look like?

20. What do I enjoy doing? Make a list.

21. What are 2 simple things I can do daily that bring me joy?

Modelling excellence questions

22. Do I know anyone in my life or who is famous that I admire and look up to?

23. What are some of their techniques to reach success or push through challenges and adversity?

24. What does their daily routine look like from the minute they wake up to when they lay their head down on the pillow? 

25. What can I model from their daily habits and apply to my own life? 

Gratitude questions

26. What are some things that I am grateful for from my life overall? Make a list.

27. What are some things that I’m are grateful for from today/thisweek? Make a list. Write down a daily gratitude list for 30 days. 

Physiology and mood shifting questions

28. Am I aware of the times I most often hold my breath, frown and hunch over? 

29. What are some daily habits that I can do so I can take my breathing and physiology to the next level?

30. What are some thoughts that pop up into my head daily that are bringing down my mood?

31. What are some thoughts that I can focus on in order to feel more upbeat and positive? Make a list.

Goal setting questions

32. How will my ideal future look like 5 years from now? Where am I living and working? How much am I earning? Where have I travelled and who am I hanging out with? What hobbies have I taken up? What bad habits have I given up? Write out a description.The more details and descriptive the better.

33. Write down 1 goal I would like to achieve for each of the following. Career, health, relationship, lifestyle, personal development, hobbies and leisure. 

34. What are my top 5 priorities for this month? For the next 6 months? For the year? 

35. If I could achieve 2 goals this year, what would they be?

Action steps questions

36. What action steps and commitment am I going to take to achieve my goals?(Make sure you set a time limit for when you want to achieve your actions and goals by.)

37. What are some challenges that may stand in the way and how will I overcome them?

Hopefully you have been able to have a little more direction and motivation in what you want to achieve, and have a clearer map of how to get there.

After writing out your answers, make sure that you save and refer to them often. Take out key points that you want to focus on. Revisit and readjust weekly. Put them somewhere which is easy to see and access. 

Good luck! 

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