• Are you looking to develop your team's coaching abilities?

  • Would you like your practitioners to find an effective way to get through to their clients?

  • Are there many clients which practitioners are working with who have lost guidance, have no clear goals and lack motivation?

"We Don't Believe in Knowledge Collection, But Implementation and Results." 

Coaching and Motivational Interviewing Skills

Coaching is the second fastest growing industry after I.T. Many people are now realising the benefits of coaching as statistics show that those who have been coached to achieve their goals and boost motivation are quite successful in many aspects of their lives. Many go on to build successful careers, wealth and thriving businesses. As well, a good coach is someone that uses powerful questions in order to influence and motivate people. In this course, practitioners will enhance their skills by improving their vocational knowledge and discover ways they can help their clients take both action and responsibility towards reaching goals, vocational success and sustaining employment.

By the end of this course delegates will:

  • Identify coaching skills that can influence clients
  • Learn how to effectively use the G.R.O.W and MI models to give guidance
  • Utilise the feedback model in order to be able to give feedback that is constructive 
  • Ask vs. Tell” approach. Don’t tell the client what to do, instead, ask powerful questions
  • Learn the tools and skills required for motivational questioning
  • Work and help their clients overcome self-limiting beliefs 
  • Explore self-awareness and values level thinking 
  • Understand how the questioning funnel works
  • Be able to build rapport through the use of body language
  • Introduce the concept of active listening and questioning skills
  • Develop a winning action plans in order to help their clients succeed