We can go anywhere in the world to deliver these workshops. No rural town or city is too far.

Would you like to?

Develop your sales coaching abilities?

Be able to get through some of your most demotivated and low performing salespeople?

Learn ways to influence and have your sales team and have them follow you because they want to, and not because they have to?


Overwhelming evidence has revealed that those managers who spend time coaching staff reap the rewards. Evidence in the 2017 Sales Management Research Report, revealed that sales coaching helps sales reps improve selling skills and close more deals. Sales managers in high-impact organizations are also far more likely to participate in sales coaching training programs, than sales managers from the average or low performing organizations. Also, those who coach their teams after sales training and make sure that learning is embedded in their job, have far better results. 

In this one day workshop, we will equip you with the skills and knowledge to drive your sales team into a high performing one, as well as create an everlasting impact. 

By the end of this workshop you will learn about:

  • Developing strategies in order to influence and motivate. 
  • The universal principles of sales coaching.
  • Sales coaching mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • How to develop a growth mindest lense to drive performance.
  • Identifying which type of sales manager you are.
  • Neuro leadership and how it can help you create an impact.
  • The feedback model in order to be able to give feedback that minimizes the threat response. 
  • How to hold your salespeople accountable without creating resentment. 
  • Learn how to run strategic solutions focused meeting that will keep your sales team inspired. ​
  • Develop a winning action plan in order to help your salespeople succeed.

Coach Your Sales Team for High Performance