Congrats on your purchase! - Selling for Non Salespeople

I want to personally congratulate you for taking the initiative to develop your sales skills and mindset through the Selling for non-Salespeople 30 Day program. Your receipt will be issued in the next few hours by our accounts team.

As you’re aware, we have offered you this program at a discounted price, as we are in the launching stages. We will send your username and password on the 1st of May 2018. We will also be creating a Facebook value-adding and best practice group for selling for non-salespeople, and will send you the link once it is set up.

In the meantime, please read our FAQ and course description.


What is it?
30-day online training and coaching program through videos.

When does it start?
We are in the launching stages at the moment and are producing the content. This is why we are offering the course for a very low price of $97. This program will go up to $1477 in May. 

How does it work?
Through a series of online videos and material, you will be trained and coached by both Rana Kordahi and Michael Chapman each day in 30 days. You do this at your own pace and own time, although we highly recommend doing it first thing in the morning every second day. So that way you can follow the implementation activities on your free day. Although we equip you with specific sales knowledge and skills, the aim is to implement the learning and complete a task each day. After you finish the 30 days, we will ask you to repeat the program and take the exercises to the next level. We want you to repeat the exercises because repetition is the mother of all learning.

 What happens after you make payment?
You will receive a welcome email, with the course outline and information. However, you won't get your log in details until May 1st as we haven't launched the program yet. The price that we are offering is a pre-launch price and will go up on May 1st.

 Does this program ever expire?
No, this program is for life. Please do not share your login information with other as it affects your ability to use it.

 Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to boost sales, expand their sales knowledge, as well as be able to communicate effectively and influence more people.

 Does this work for any type of job role and selling?

Yes, whether you work for a charity, big corporation, or a CEO, admin or entrepreneur. This basically works for anyone who wants to be able to influence and grow sales. We will teach you communication and psychological methods that can even be used in your personal life.

Course outline

Day 1 - What and why sales?

Day 2 - The crucial mistake most salespeople make.

Day 3 - Connect with anyone in 60 seconds.

Day 4 - Get the prospect's attention through 3 steps.

Day 5 -  How to use stories to drive your sales message.

Day 6 - The psychology of why people make buying decisions.

Day 7 - How to communicate the benefits of your offering to the prospect.

Day 8 - How to minimize your prospect's threat response.

Day 9 - How to use questions to drive sales.

Day 10 - What to say when a prospect gives you an objection.

Day 11 - A cold calling script so you don't sound like you're selling.

Day 12 - The perfect cold email that gets their attention.

Day 13 - The 3 types of powerful pitches and when to use them.

Day 14 - How to build relationships to increase sales.

Day 15 - How to grow and nurture your business relationships.

Day 16 - How to give more, to get more.

Day 17 - The secret of building your own personal brand.

Day 18- How to use LinkedIn to build relationships and drive sales.

Day 19 - The formula to write engaging LinkedIn content.

Day 20 - The ultimate sales mindset.

Day 21 - Using the Growth mindset to gain more opportunities.

Day 22 - Develop the right mindset to get more confident selling to anyone Pt1.

Day 23 - Develop the right mindset to get more confident selling to anyone Pt2.

Day 24 - Develop the right mindset to get more confident selling to anyone Pt3.

Day 25 - How to embrace rejection and create a thick skin.

Day 26 - Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to drive sales.

Day 27 - How to stay resilient when you're not making any sales?

Day 28  - The marshmallow theory and how it will help you in your selling.

Day 29 - Develop a strategy and routine.

Day 30 - Creating your own blueprint for success.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to email me at, or call me on +61404 689 580 though (WhatsApp for international)

 Kind regards

Rana Kordahi