Most successful people have had a coach guiding them on their path towards achieving what they wanted. A group study of fortune 100 executives found that providing coaching for staff got them a return on investment (ROT) six times the program cost. Another study found that if coaching was used as a follow up to training, it increased productivity by 88%.  

What we do: We coach and mentor teams, from frontline staff to executive leaders to wake up every day with purpose, excited to start the day and perform to their maximum.

Where we do it:You decide. It could be either at your office, over the phone, at a coffee shop or our premises.

How we do it:We incorporate Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) coaching methods into our sessions. NLP adds a little more value, as throughout the coaching sessions the client will be taught valuable NLP tools that they are able to use independently in the future. Having these tools at their disposal will give them personal power to be their own coach. Our aim is to make our clients become independent so they are able  to coach themselves once they finish the coaching program. 

When we do it: We may engage with the client once a week or fortnight. The sessions could continue for as short, or as long as the client needs. Usually six months maximum as NLP is about fast results, and the main goal of the coach is to get the client to have total independence and master the skills they have been taught.

Why we do it: Here at Limitlessminds we believe that everyone has it in them to do great things. We simply enjoy being there when it happens.

Executive Coaching

Who We are

"We Don't Believe in Knowledge Collection, But Implementation and Results." 

 Ask us how we can help you and your team achieve great things today.

Would you like to wake up each day excited and with purpose?

How about get a clear vision of business and team goals?

Would you like to attract and retain talented employees?

How about see your employees thrive?

Types of coaching programs we offer:

Leadership:We support leaders develop a clear vision, purpose and the communication skills to lead and inspire their teams.

Performance coaching: We help individuals develop tools and skills in maximising their performance.

Career coaching:We ensure talent individuals get the most out of their potential, grow and develop within the organisation.

 Group Coaching: We help teams come together to share best practice and network, while developing skills to maximise individual performance.

 Sales Coaching: We assist you in getting the best out of your sales teams by motivating them to hit their KPIs, targets and find their purpose within sales.