Would you like to...

Build strong relationships with your jobseekers?

Coach and influence more jobseekers?

Learn reverse marketing techniques to get more people into work ?


Day 2 - Building better relationships with your clients

Module 8 - Connecting: Building lasting relationships with your jobseekers.

Module 9 - Motivation: How to tap into the values of your jobseeker and sell them the job.

Module 10 - Coaching: Through motivational interviewing.

Module 11 - Influencing techniques: Taking a closer look at what drives behaviour.

Module 12 - Conflict management handling: How to work within a compliance framework without sabotaging the relationship.

Help More Jobseekers into Work - 2 Day Fundamentals

This 2 day fundamentals covers everything, from how to market your jobseekers to the employers, to how to market the job to the jobseekers. Day one focusses on your communication and marketing techniques to employers, and day 2 covers coaching and motivational methods used on jobseekers. It is usually those employment practitioners who have high levels of communication with both their jobseekers and employers who are producing most of the results. As well as those who are not afraid to pick up the phone and or go out to meet employers.

Day 1 - Marketing your clients to Employers

Module 1 - Confidence and belief: NLP  techniques. Mindset and confidence when dealing with employers.

Module 2 - The discovery & getting through the gatekeeper: How to do research prior to making calls and techniques on getting through the gatekeeper.

Module 3 - Asking questions & listening: How using the right questions can influence and drive behaviour.

Module 4 - Features and benefits: How to sell using F&B of your jobseeker to the employer. As well as using the F&B of the job in order to sell it to your jobseeker.

Module 5 - Develop strong elevator pitch - For the phone, email and face to face.

Module 6 - Overcoming objections: How to respond to objections given by anyone.

Module 7 - Following up: Ways to sustain relationships and increase job placements.

What you will get out of this course:

  • Learn key methods of how to influence more employers.
  • Gain the confidence at picking up the telephone and contacting anyone, from CEO to small business owner.
  • Develop a powerful pitch to use anywhere, whether on the phone, face to face or through email.
  • Discover proven methods of how to market the jobseeker to employers and the job to jobseekers.
  • Learn ways of how to respond to objections given by an employer.
  • Build better rapport and develop lasting relationships.
  • Develop ways you can create desire and interest when talking to resistant clients.
  • Improve your communication skills and get the most out of your clients.
  • Help more people to work through coaching and motivational techniques.
  • Learn certain influencing techniques to be able to help more people into work.
  • Develop ways of overcoming objections and reducing conflict.

We can go anywhere in Australia to deliver these workshops. No rural town or city are too far.