We're here to make the coaching process easy, as well as help you embed a coaching culture. We want to take you away from that spreadsheet and word document, and give you a bird's eye view of what's really going on, on your sales team. 

It’s time to stop managing the outcomes and begin coaching the process.

Getting started is quite easy. We are offering a 90 day free pilot program. It's for organizations who are serious about implementing a sales coaching culture and using the platform for maximum results.

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High-Performance Coaching Software

Sales training doesn't develop sales champions, leaders do.

Who We are

  Do you know how your salespeople feel about working within your organization?  Is sales training paying off because you are able to embed and coach the learning? Are you able to coach and measure the success of each sales rep on your team in real time metrics and data? 

The mindset platform has two simple goals. Goal number one, is to take the pain away from your sales reps and managers not knowing how to clearly execute to reach their sales quota. Goal number two, is to make it easy for your organisation to measure the mindset of each member in the company and recognize any gaps, red flags, and any developmental opportunities.

Every sales performer, team and organization have targets, but do they have a clear strategy and plan 
in how to execute?

Research has been done and it shows that the most efficient, profitable and effective companies in the world have a clear plan for each person on their team. And the top 20
% sales teams have a coaching culture. 

Would you like to

Be able to measure and track the mindset of your sales team in real-time metric and data?

Coach your sales team through an achievable and measurable sales plan?

Influence accountability, rather than enforcing it?