Turning the average salesperson into a sales champion. 

Do you feel demotivated and stuck in a rut?

Would you like to find your purpose?

How to Feel More Motivated - Find your Purpose in your Life & Career

We can go anywhere in Australia to deliver these workshops. No rural town or city are too far.

​​By the end of this course delegates will:

  • Learn about where motivation comes from
  • Recognise why and how people lose motivation
  • Learn about the 6 universal fears
  • Analyse what sets successful people apart from those who don't make it
  • Understand the power of being the cause and not the effect
  • Explore meta program motivational traits
  • Know how to assess their customer's Meta program
  • ​Become a master at challenging limiting beliefs
  • Gain knowledge of how neurology affects needs and desires
  • Gain an understanding of why people fail to achieve their goals​.

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