Level up & Smash those Sales Targets 


Target audience:
All salespeople, non-salespeople who are expected to sell, business owners, leaders

Course outline

  • The perfect salesperson
  • The CDP framework

Module 1: The professional selling skill set

  • Controlling a conversation
  • Using the power of questions
  • A unique framework for asking questioning 

Module 2: What makes you and your product so special

  • Honing in on your unique selling proposition 
  • How to be different than all the other salespeople
  • The language to use when pitching

Module 3: Handle objections and close the sale (skill set)

  • Types of objections 
  • Handling objections model (APAC)
  • Handling the most common objection: price
  • Nine closing techniques
  • Cross-selling and up-selling

Module 4: The professional selling mindset 

  • The right state of mind to sell
  • The more "No's" you get
  • Visualise your sale
  • Know what you are selling inside and out

Module 5: Understanding buyer types and follow-up

  • Personality styles
  • What is your personality style
  • Selling to different buyer types
  • After the sale and follow-up

Module 6: Beat the competition through Social Selling 

  • Build trust and create awareness on social media
  • The do's and don'ts of social selling.
  • Create a personal brand a
  • Position your self as the expert 

2 day workshop

Would you like to? 

Take your sales skills to the next level?

Connect better with customers, overcome objections, and close sales confidently and effectively to achieve sales target?

Understand different personality styles and influence them?

Set your self as the leading authority in your field?


What is stopping you from smashing your sales targets? Is it lack of knowledge? Closing skills? Self-confidence? Not understanding how to fill a pipeline? Talking too much? Not having the right strategy? This two-day extensive sales training program explores the right skills and mindset to help you reach you smash your sales goals. 

Many salespeople fall into the trap of talking too much. They can't wait to tell their customer about all the features or benefits of their product/service or how great their company is. This is not the best approach to sales. In this class, participants will learn essential sales skills, from controlling the conversation and asking the right questions to uncover customer needs and adjusting the message accordingly.

At the core of this program is a more effective and more professional sales approach. This approach depends on asking a series of questions in a specific order. It will enable participants to find out their customers’ needs, uncover problems, and ask questions that help the customer realise the problem they haven't been paying attention to is now too big to ignore.

More so, many salespeople have a single, preferred style of selling that works with some buyers but not others. Perhaps they use the strategy of making friends with customers. While this works sometimes, there are certain buyers who just don’t like this approach at all. Part of this program will focus on dealing with buyers’ different personalities. Participants will learn how to consider each buyer’s personality and modify their selling style slightly to match each customer’s personality, which will help them close more sales.

We can go almost anywhere in the world to deliver these workshops. No rural town or city is too far.

 What you will get out of this workshop

  • Develop the right skills and mindset a professional salesperson must possess.

  • Connect better with customers, overcome objections, and close sales confidently and effectively to achieve sales targets.

  • Use an effective sales questioning technique that will increase sales because participants uncover customer needs and maintain a positive customer experience.

  • Explain the four major behavioral styles and personality types and how to sell to each buyer type.