"We Don't Believe in Knowledge Collection, But Implementation and Results." 

"Your followers don't care about how much you know until they know about how much you care."


       Topics covered

  • Theories of motivation
  • Rapport and relationship building 
  • Feedback tools
  • Skill/will model
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Autonomy, mastery and purpose
  • Leadership styles and self-awareness
  • Questioning skills and coaching

We can go anywhere in Australia to deliver these workshops. No rural town or city are too far.


         By the end of this course delegates will:

  • Learn about different types of motivation
  • Discover how to build a long lasting relationship with team members
  • Master the art of giving feedback 
  • Determine how motivated and skilled your team members are
  • Learn how EQ in leadership is far more important than IQ
  • Understand the fundamentals of autonomy, mastery and purpose
  • Discover your leadership style
  • Learn how to use effective coaching skills in order to elicit motivation 

Leadership - Motivating your Team 

Each year organisations lose a huge amount of money trying to retain and recruit new talent. Many times they are not aware that a manager's communication and leadership skills are essential for workplace productivity. 

We all know that motivation is mostly intrinsic. However, many times a leader can either make or break their team member’s motivation. Often, people get promoted and are suddenly put in a position of leading with no experience or knowledge.

 Promoting the right leaders, training and nurturing them into becoming successful managers is critical. Their communication, EQ and motivational skills will either boost performance and retain talent or lower morale and drive good people out.

This course will not only equip you with the essential leadership skills but also give you the tools in order to motivate and inspire.

Learners will also receive a 12 day Action Plan for Success after training in order to implement what they learnt on the day.

​Are you aware that people leave managers and not companies?

Are you a team leader, manager or business owner?

Would you like to be the type of leader that people follow because they want to and not because they have to?

Do you want to attract and retain talent?