rana kordahi


Founder and Director of Limitlessminds

Rana Kordahi

Rana Kordahi is the founder of Limitlessminds Training and coaching. She is a qualified NLP practitioner, success coach, sales trainer and learning and development specialist. She has extensive experience working in Employment Services (JSA, DES and Welfare to work UK) on the front line and in L&D, both in Australia and the UK. As well as in professional services at KPMG and PWC designing and delivering sales and leadership training to consultants, managers, directors, and partners.

She has trained and coached thousands of people in the art of sales, influence, mindset, EQ, leadership, employability skills, and personal development. Including hundreds of consultants at some of the big 4 consulting firms in courses such as Core Skills, Becoming a Trusted Advisor and Leading Successful Engagements.

Being a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and mindset coach, she combines NLP, mindset, EQ, and psychology when designing training programs to take people beyond their potential. 

Rana truly believes in is human potential and enjoys watching and guiding people grow, succeed and create the life and career they deserve.