Many times sales teams face challenges that are hard to spot from the inside. At times there are politics and egos at play. Other times, they may need an expert eye to come in and assess the situation. 

How consulting may look like depending on organisation and needs

Phase 1: Discovery and  analysis
We stay onsite and interview people and watch how they interact in the current state of mind. Over the course of the first week, we begin to define, measure and analyse how the team operates, and how they begin to the process of change. Your team will be influenced to accept change and take ownership of their own behaviours and importantly, how they interact with each other.

Phase 2: Solution Design and Modelling
On the second week is where we begin to embed change, teach small chunks depending on learning needs, coach individuals, implement what's needed and create action plans.

Phase 3: Implementation
This is where we press the start button and get things rolling. We will develop a plan for the sales managers. Develop a one-day performance management workshop and 8 to12 weeks of coaching for each manager. During this phase we will get the leaders and their teams onto the mindset platform, where it will help them track and measure performance, mindset, goals achieved and job satisfaction. We will have accountability coaching sessions with each leader and coach them in how to lead and drive performance.

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