​​​​You’re hungry to succeed and unleash your potential

For non sales people who want to master the art of sales and influence.


     You believe in what you're selling

During the 30 days you will discover

After 25 years in business, Michael Chapman has stepped answered a call to help others breakthrough and find their passion in business.  Michael began his career in transportation and quickly learned how “selling” really isn’t selling.  During his career,  he served in multiple sales and sales leadership capacities within complex and arduous sales cycles.  Michael has a unique communication approach to help others enjoy continuous learning and exceed their goals. 

He believes 'Selling for Non Sales people' will allow professionals to improve their growth skills a little each day. Each day Michael will share dynamic and encouraging mindset changes. The process will assist you in building stronger working relationships, overcoming fear, and exceeding your targets.

He finds this rather odd. Each time a potential client gives him an objection about why they don’t see value in the engagement, or why the project isn't out of scope, he has no idea how to respond, and sometimes even gets into arguments.

There are many people like Tom. Each day technically brilliant and smart people are hired to do great things in their jobs. Or even quit their jobs and start a business. But then comes the dreaded sales part, when they have to sell something, either themselves, products or services, without having been taught how. 

This is why we created the 'Selling for Non Salespeople' program. To help people like Tom, and give them the tools, skills and guidance to take their sales to the next level. 



Day 16 - Following up and staying visible.

Day 17 - How to grow and nurture your business relationships.

Day 18 - How to use LinkedIn to build relationships and drive sales.

Day 19 - Create engaging LinkedIn content.

Day 20 - The 6 weapons of influence and how they can help you in selling.

Day 21 - Do's and don'ts of face to face networking.

Day 22 - The sales mindset and why it matters.

Day 23 - Develop the right mindset and confidence selling through NLP Pt1.

Day 24 - Develop the right mindset and confidence selling through NLP Pt2.

Day 25 - How to embrace rejection and create a thick skin.

Day 26 - Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to drive sales.

Day 27 - How to stay resilient when you're not making any sales.

Day 28 - The marshmallow theory and how it will help you in your selling.

Day 29 - Develop a strategy and routine.

Day 30 - Creating your own blueprint for sales success.

Get two trainers with over 40 years sales experience!

Day 1 - How Learning Sales will change your life.

Day 2 - Most crucial mistakes most salespeople make.

Day 3 - Connect with anyone in 60 seconds.

Day 4 - Get the prospect's attention through 3 steps.

Day 5 -  How to use stories to drive your sales message.

Day 6 - The psychology of why people make buying decisions.

Day 7 - Communicate the benefits of your offering to the prospect.

Day 8 - How to minimize your prospect's threat response.

Day 9 - Using questions to drive sales.

Day 10 - What to say when a prospect gives you an objection.

Day 11 - Prospecting and keeping your sales pipeline full.

Day 12 - Cold Calling and getting through the gatekeeper.

Day 13 -A cold calling script so you don't sound salesy.

Day 14 - The perfect cold email that gets their attention.

Day 15 - The 3 types of pitches and when to use them.

Meet Tom    


Tom is very smart. He has a gift for technology and works hard. This guy had several degrees, qualifications and read lots of books on IT. Bottom line, Tom is brilliant at his job as an IT consultant at one of the big 4 firms in the world. Through his brilliance, he eventually made it to partner. Things are now different for Tom. He constantly finds himself struggling. Now he has to go out and network. Meet all these strangers! This makes Tom uncomfortable. He sucks at building rapport. Also, the more he speaks about how much he knows, and all his experience, the more these strangers switch off. 

Rana has trained and coached thousands of sales and non sales people in the art of sales, influence, mindset and personal development. Including hundreds of consultants at some of the big 4 consulting firms in courses such as Core Skills, Becoming a Trusted Advisor and Leading Successful Engagements.

Being an NLP practitioner and mindset coach, she combines NLP, mindset, EQ and psychology to sales techniques to take people beyond their sales potential.  

Rana Kordahi is determined to make everyone fall in love with selling. She wants to make the word 'sales' to sound hip, rather than taboo. She wants people to be like, 'oh wow you work in sales!' Yes, let them react the same way as when someone tells them that they are a surgeon. Okay, maybe it's a little stretch. But still. 

She believes that everyone is a salesperson, whether they like it or not. Because we don't only sell products and services, but ideas, thoughts, opinions and even our personalities. 

Each day technically brilliant and smart people are hired to do great things in their jobs. But then comes the dreaded sales part, when they are expected to hit those KPIs and targets, without having been taught how. An IT Consultant at a consulting firm may have all the necessary skills to analyse how computer systems work within a company. But do they have the necessary skills to negotiate a deal once they make it to partner? A recruitment consultant may have the people skills, but needs to know how to pick up the phone and market their job seeker. Or an entrepreneur who just quit a secure job and has to go out and hustle.

This is not your typical sales coaching training where it just teaches you sales techniques, but digs deeper into the core issue, which all starts with mindset. We teach you psychological and NLP techniques in how to deal with rejection, resilience and develop the mindset to set you up for success. As well as all the sales and communication techniques which will drive growth, whether it's through your own business or KPIs at work.

This 30 day online program was designed specifically for those who are not your typical sales people, but may have to sell, build relationships or influence as part of their job. 

Do you…​​

• Avoid making cold calls or going out to network?

• Get tongue tied and not know what to say?

• Feel like you’re constantly pushing your product onto others and no one is buying?

• Feel anxious when you need to ask for the sale?

• Get frustrated and have a hard time dealing with rejection?

• Often find it difficult to deal with uncomfortable conversations?

• Lack resilience and determination when things get tough? 

     You are committed to implementing all the exercises

You know you’re ready to scale up your sales success


     You're an implementer and not just a knowledge collector 

What is it?


30-day online training and coaching program through videos, audios and implementation plans. 

How does it work?

Through a series of recorded online videos and material, you will be trained and coached by both Rana Kordahi and Michael Chapman each day in 30 days. You do this at your own pace and own time, although we highly recommend doing it first thing in the morning every second day. So that way you can follow the implementation activities on your free day. Although we equip you with specific sales knowledge and skills, the aim is to implement the learning and complete a task each day. After you finish the 30 days, we will ask you to repeat the program and take the exercises to the next level. We want you to repeat the exercises because repetition is the mother of all learning. 

What happens after you make payment?

You will receive a welcome email, with the course outline and information. 

Does this program ever expire?

Yes, this program expires one year from your purchase. Please do not share your login information with other as it affects your ability to use it. 

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to boost sales, expand their sales knowledge, as well as be able to communicate effectively and influence more people. 

Does this work for any type of job role and selling?

Yes, whether you work for a charity, big corporation, are a CEO, admin or entrepreneur. This basically works for anyone who wants to be able to influence and grow sales.  We will teach you communication and psychological methods that can even be used in your personal life.