1 Day workshop


You may have all the sales skills in the world, know your product inside out and have the perfect pitch, but if you don't have the right mindset then it doesn't matter.

Most successful people in sales, business and life have one thing in common and it's their mindset of resilience, confidence and high levels of (EQ) Emotional intelligence. They understand how to connect with others, are self-aware and know can self-regulate their emotions.   

This one day program is not only going to help you with your mindset for sales success, but also leave you feeling motivated to go out there and take your sales potential to the next level.

 Course outline

Module 1: Vision and purpose

How to get a clear vision, focus, and purpose in your sales strategy.
Identifying how and why people need your product.

Module 2: Get more confident when selling
NLP Neuro-linguistic programming strategies for confidence.
How to deal with rejection when a prospect says no.

Learn how not to be afraid of making a cold call and how to enjoy it. 

Module 3: Using (EQ) Emotional Intelligence to get more Sales
How to apply the 5 pillars of emotional intelligence to your sales.
Develop daily habits to strengthen your EQ.

 Module 4: Resilience for the long run
Resilience techniques to apply when things get tough.

Module 5: Modelling excellence 

Strategies of how to model successful salespeople and their habits.

Module 6 - The Sales mindset blueprint
Implementation techniques.
self-coaching questions and blueprint for success.

Do you...

  • Feel anxious when you need to ask for the sale?
  • Get frustrated and have a hard time dealing with rejection?
  • Feel anxious to pick up the phone and make cold calls?
  • Lack the motivation to get out there and network?
  • Often find it difficult to deal with uncomfortable conversations?
  • Lack resilience and determination when the sales process gets tough? 

 By the end of this course you will:

  • Have clearer vision and purpose. 
  • Develop tools which will help you with your confidence.
  • Learn ways of how to become more resilient no matter how much rejection you face.
  • Examine the 5 pillars of (EQ) emotional intelligence and how to use them to drive sales .
  • Develop self-care techniques so you don't burn out.
  • Walk away with a blueprint for success.

We can go almost anywhere in the world to deliver these workshops. No rural town or city is too far.

The Limitless Sales Mindset