More and more organisations are implementing NLP into their training programs. Corporations are just realising  the effects that NLP can have on an individual and teams. Not only does it boost staff morale, motivate individuals and increase productivity, but it can help a person do a 360 degree turn and change their whole life around.  In NLP we don't believe that people are broken and need to be fixed, but rather that they have learned negative patterns that can be unlearned. We only assist them in unleashing tools that they already have inside them. NLP can help individuals deal with past baggage, master their present state, and control how they will react to future events. As well, it gives the individual an understanding of different perceptions and how to effectively relate to individuals in the work place. NLP is also proven to boost work place performance as many team members were found to be much more content in the work place environment after an NLP course or intervention.

By the end of the course delegates will:

  • Learn the NLP communication model

  • Understand why respecting the individual's model of the world is vital

  • ​Gain an understanding of how perception shapes decisions and thoughts

  • Develop skills to set effective goals and reach workplace targets and KPIs

  • Master control over thoughts, behaviour and reactions

  • Boost self-esteem and confidence 

  • Learn how to build rapport with anyone 

  • Interpret their own representational system; how it effects communication

  • Use the right words (predicates) at the right time in order to effectively communicate

  • Develop reframing strategies  - responding to situations of stress, and pressure

  • Analyse the hierarchy of ideas - how often big picture and small picture people talk different languages​

Who We are

The Power of NLP in the Workplace 

"We Don't Believe in Knowledge Collection, But Implementation and Results." 

We can go anywhere in Australia to deliver these workshops. No rural town or city are too far.

Would you like to develop skills so you can set effective goals and reach workplace targets and KPIs?

Would you like to master control over thoughts, behaviour and reactions?

How about boost self-esteem and confidence ?