Rana's Mission

My ultimate goal is to help you unleash your sales potential, increase sales and build long lasting relationships. Through developmental private coaching I will assist you in:

•    Developing a mindset that will equip you for success.
•    Developing strategies that will help increase your sales. 
•    Guiding you through obstacles and roadblocks with your selling technique.
•    Giving you actionable steps to accomplish your sales goals.
•    Creating an individualized plan to help you get more sales.
•    Giving you quality feedback.
•    Inspiring and motivating you.

How to get started

1.    Simply write in 50 words or less the reason/s why having sales coaching is important for you.

2.    On April 3rd, we will be announcing the giveaway on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages: So follow us. TWO LUCKY WINNERS will receive x 4 coaching sessions each, over a 2 month period. 60 minutes each call (Package valued at $600) Each package includes an implementation plan and blueprint.

3. This is NOT one of those one off 30-minute FREE coaching sessions where I try to sell you something at the end. This is a full package giveaway where I want to see progress and RESULTS. I always assess whether someone is coachable and has the drive to succeed before working with them, whether they are paying or not. Their success is basically my success. 

For a chance to WIN please fill out the form below and write in 50 words or less, The Reason/s Why Having Sales Coaching is Important For You.

FREE Sales Coaching Package Giveaway! 

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